MyWaifuList Public API (Alpha)

  1. This project is the alpha version for an API running at
  2. You must be a Patreon user
  3. Get an API key from under Account Settings
  4. Do not share the key that is generated

Terms of Service

  1. You may not, for any reason, use the API for any commercial use or generate income, profit from the use of this service
  2. Your work must include a link to the website somewhere (for instance, if its a bot, link to or say its from MyWaifuList)
  3. We hold the right to revoke access to any API key at will
  4. This service is not guaranteed to be up and running, comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk
  5. Don’t bully the API
  6. If you notice a security risk, bug, or something else not reported in Sentry please let me know
  7. Please don’t bombard the server if you go over the rate limit

Rate Limiting

60 Requests / 60 Seconds.


Coming soon!